Stefanos Foundation Prayer Summit-Prof. Yusufu Turaki’s Paper Presentation


Professor Yusufu Turaki was one of the 3 keynote speakers at the Stefanos Foundation Prayer Summit of 12th of July, 2018, which held at Eliel Center, in Jos, Plateau State.

In his paper, Turaki, a professor of Theology and Social Ethics gave a brief history of how between 1900-2018, Empire Builders used Social Reforms to build Nigeria into what it is today.

According to him, the multitude of problems and challenges facing Nigeria are rooted in the values, institutions and legacies of those Empire Builders.

Today, Turaki said, lack of seriousness in examining and analysing the historical root has now left Nigerians un-informed, confused and incapable of resolving their three major challenges, namely:

1. Nation building,

2. National integration,

3. People and societal development and transformation.

Stefanos Foundation is therefore calling on all Christians to earnestly pray for a total turn around in the meaningful
transformation of Nigeria.

We believe that;

“Only a united Church can build a united nation”.