The International Christian Concern (ICC), in partnership with Stefanos Foundation on IDP student matters today, 5/3/2019 paid school fees of over 25 IDP students, who are currently enrolled in different schools in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. ICC, who are partners with Stefanos Foundation have been supporting this project since 2015.

These young boys and girls of ages 4 to 13 years are currently enrolled in 5 difference institutions, namely: Da Zang Private School, Excellent Child International School, Salvation Station Academy, RCM Primary School and Kauna Children School.

Presently, there are more IDP students on Stefanos Foundation’s scholarships with supports from other partners. These students’ schools fees have also been paid.

Stefanos is still seeking support for more IDP students to be enrolled by these institutions.

We are grateful to all our partners and supporters for enabling us bring hope in this situation.

We will continue to solicit more support to help provide practical and emotional care to the most desperate.

Your gift will go a long way to help someone today!!!

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Just as Plateau State battles with various attacks on different communities in the state, Stefanos Foundation has last week received report of the killings of four persons. This time, some persons identified as Berom natives were the suspects.

The first victim, Zakariya Aliyu Ardo was said to have been killed on Monday 10//9/2018 and his remains recovered on Wednesday 19/9/2818. The deceased was a Fulani herdsman.

The second victim, Aminu Adam Angara, who was also killed on Sunday, 16/9/2018, his remains was recovered on Monday, 17//9/2018. The deceased was also a Fulani and a seller of cow milk from Sabongida to Bukuru areas.

The third victim, Aisha Musa, a nine months pregnant woman was also killed on Sunday, 16/9/2018 and her remains was recovered on Monday 17/9/2018. Aisha was a cow milk seller in Bukuru.

The fourth victim, Daniel Manga was also killed while riding his motorcycle, popularly known as okada.

In a Facebook post made by one Adamu Muhammad, he stated that, upon receiving news that the victims were missing, the Fulani Youth Leader immediately called upon The Gwomre, “Gyel Village Head” of Jos South LGA, who is also the Ward Head of “Kwata Ward”, the location where the ugly incidence happened.

Mohammed reported that the Gwomre immediately called the Vigilante Commander of Jos South, the Berom Youth Leader of Jos South, the Fulani Youth leader of Jos South, the JNI Director and the DPO of B. Division, Bukuru who commissioned a joint search on the missing persons.

This combine effort and the positive role each person played, led to the discovery of the suspects.

Mohammed said an investigation was carried out by the team and they gathered first hand information from among the good people of Berom, those who are not in support of what has happened. The Berom Youth Leader, The VGN Commander, who is also Berom and the Ward Head of Kwata followed house to house in search of those who were suspected to be responsible for the killings. The team handed the suspects over to the Police under the authority of the Gyel Village Head and the Jos South LGA Chairman, who did not sleep that very day in respect of what happened.

Muhammad, in his Facebook post on a Fulani Rights Group says; “I am a living witness of what the Beroms did, which is worthy of commendation and Allah will surely bless them for their intentions are for peace to re-install at Jos South and Plateau at large.
Now we are waiting to see which measure Government will take to put an end to such.”

While we commend the joint effort in controlling the situation in Gyel, Stefanos Foundation is deeply concerned that uncontrollable killings of the ethnic minority people is now beginning to attract some circle of violence in their region.

May we here urge the Fulani to also emulate this honesty and cooperate with the local authorities in fishing out those militants who have continuously terrorised the ethnic communities.

It would be recalled that on 23/9/2018, we reported the frustration of the ethnic people of Bassa, Riyom and Barkin Ladi LGA of Plateau State. We have also reported laments from Ethnic Communities of Benue, Adamawa and Taraba States over the continued killings in their areas.

It is also a concern that while there appears to have been no hope of reaching those who killed over eleven people in Dura Community, near Rayfield, in Jos South LGA of Plateau State, there have suddenly been a glaring effort of the military in search of the same area for a Military General alleged to have gone missing around Jos.

It is not clear however why such military efficacies have been absent in controlling the killings of the ethnic people and continual grazing over their farms.

Stefanos Foundation is concerned that people have now deserted their homes in Dura in fear of military activities around the area.

The Nigerian military has records of acting with impunity over instances of any wrong done to it. In resent times, soldiers have destroyed houses of innocent Nigerians in Naca community of Benue State and Kadarko Communities of Wase LGA in Plateau State. The institution has also been fined over its vengeful killings of Nigerians in Zaki Biam community of Taraba State and Modakeke Land of Ife East LGA of Osun State among others.

We do hope that the military would act in caution this time as they carry out this search around Dura community. It is also important that they work on winning the trust of Nigerians at this time that they are needed the most.

Stefanos Foundation is also calling on the judiciary to be upright in their administration of justice so that innocent people would not continue to suffer unjustly.


Stefanos Foundation’s Taraba Prayer Summit was held on Friday the 14th of September, 2018 at the CAN Secretariat, Jalingo, Taraba State.

Our organisation worked in collaboration with the State Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for the success of the program.

The summit had Prof. Yusufu Turaki, Rev. James Pam, Mallam Nuhu Almasih and Engr. Mark Lipdo as keynote speakers. The focus was, “The Current Security Challenges in Nigeria”.

The Taraba State CAN Chairman (Acting), Special Apostle John Aina and his executive members helped to draw Christians from different denominations and in one accord; Taraba raised its voice to the Lord in prayer.

Christians all over the world are looking to God for a total turn around in Nigeria.

We will continue to PUSH, “Pray Until Something Happens.”

We believe that, “Only a United Church can build a united nation”.


Fulani militants attacked four communities of ethnic minority Christians in Adamawa State.

Report says more than 25 persons were killed yesterday 13/9/18 in what appeared to be a coordinated attack by Fulani militants on four communities of Numan Local Government Area.

According to an eye witness who spoke to Stefanos Foundation, the attackers stormed the communities at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and started shooting indiscriminately, killing two men instantly.

“Myself and my children were on our way out when we heard gunshot sounds. We immediately ran away. Unfortunately, this morning I received news that the Fulanis chased our people and killed many. Those who tried to run through the river were shot and this morning, over 25 bodies were recovered from the river. We’re not sure how many more are yet to be discovered.

I was told that the Fulani militants burnt down all our houses and took some women and children with them. We no longer have a place to call home. Right now we’re helpless.”

The communities affected in the attack are Gon, Bolki, Nzomuso and Yanga.



By Engr. Mark Lipdo

Engr. Mark Lipdo was one of the 3 keynote speakers at the Stefanos Foundation’s Prayer Summit of 12th July 2018, which held at Eliel Center, Jos, Plateau State.

In his paper, Lipdo says he sees an opportunity given for him to share facts he has gathered in his fifteen years’ work with ethnic minority Christians of Northern Nigeria who have struggled with insecurity in their communities.

He pointed out that insecurity is increasingly becoming rampant all over the world. And although governments have been struggling to combat these vices, none can really say they have been hundred percent successful. He made it clear that Nigeria as a sovereign state is having to face its own challenges in the ongoing instances.

In his findings, Lipdo said, 19 Northern states of Nigeria are home to over 670 ethnic people of diverse cultures and traditions, most of whom are Muslims as well as Christians. However, Violent riots and militant attacks have continued to target ethnic minority religious people of the region.

According to him, the Fulani, who are traditionally from North Africa and the Middle East are a people, numbering between 20 to 25 million. They are one of the largest most homogeneous ethnic groups of the Sahel region. Over time, they have intermingled with local West African ethnic groups and are widely dispersed across the region. They are bound by their language, history, culture and Islamic religious affiliation. About 7 to 8 million of them are pastoralists – this has made them the largest nomadic pastoral community in Africa.
Source: (Wikipedia)

Mark gave a brief history of the ancient Fulani warfare that attempted to subdue most part of the Sahel region from 1050 to 1903 before the British conquered their Caliphate in Sokoto around Northwestern part of Nigeria. It was then he said that the British amalgamated the various regions into one entity called ‘Nigeria’.

According to him, Fulani militants have recently targeted innocent armless ethnic minority Communities with violence in Nigeria. They burnt houses, killed men, women and even children, especially in the north and middle belt regions of the country.

As this situation persists, Engr. Lipdo admonished Ethnic Minority Christians never to be distracted but to emulate Jesus and His Non-violence peace building principles in dealing with the situation. He advices that Christians should never lose sight of the fact that we serve a Just God who will always bring Justice in every unjust situation.

Mark calls on the church to earnestly unite in their responsibility towards their immediate communities. He advised churches to design their mission with the aim of reaching their communities with evangelism, faith, Justice programs, as well as developmental projects.

Stefanos Foundation therefore calls on all Christians to unite in speaking against the injustice being perpetrated against Nigerians.

We believe that;

“Only a united Church can build a united nation.”

Distribution of Relief Materials to Survivors in Barkin Ladi


Our organization yesterday the 13/08/2018 delivered relief items to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs); victims of Fulani killings currently taking shelter at COCIN Ban, Heipang, in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State.

The relief items, which include cartons of indomie noodles, clothings, drugs etc, mobilized by Dr. Funmi Emeka of Odontotille Dental Clinic in Victoria Island, Lagos were delivered to us over the weekend.

This gesture by Dr. Funmi, a dentist of her personal practice has gone to show that many goodhearted Nigerians like her are tired of their country being pushed into the mud and are working tirelessly to bring this to an end.

We encourage like-minded Nigerians to step up their voice in giving to the victims of these terrors as an indication of their resentment to what is happening to the innocent.

Stefanos Foundation is an organization that is out to make elaborate the voices of many like Dr. Funmi, to be heard.

We are calling on the government to intensify their effort in ensuring that these people are returned to their homes soon.

Relief Distribution in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State

*We can’t wait to go back to our homes, farms and respective means of livelihood!!!*

“This is the outcry of IDPs in Kassa.”

On Friday, the 27th of July 2018, Stefanos Foundation Relief team were at Kassa, in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State to distribute relief items to victims of the recent Fulani Terror attacks on Plateau State. The items were distributed successfully and the victims received them with joy.

As usual, Stefanos Foundation is impressed by the way Nigerians responded to the killings at Barkin Ladi and Riyom Local Government Areas.

It will be recalled that on 24th and 25th June 2018, about 15 Communities were attacked in these Local Government Areas and in just two days, over eleven thousand (11,000) people were displaced to about 14 different locations.

Stefanos Foundation is satisfied with the influx of relief to larger camps in the cities and chose to visit Kassa, which is among the least of the camps to distribute relief items. Our relief team also met with COCIN Headquarters Church team, who were there to also distribute relief items to the victims from their church.

It was a great time of fellowship with the victims who have lost the comfort of their communities for over a month now.

The chairman of the camp, Steven Haruna thanked Stefanos for their demonstration of love to the people and narrated the sad event that led to his family being in the camp.

He stressed how sad they felt when they learnt that the governor’s convoy was stoned some times back.

He said, they waited excitedly to receive the governor on his visit to the camps when he was to commiserate with them, unfortunately, his visit was shattered by the attack.

Mr. Haruna told Stefanos Foundation that the displaced people of Barkin Ladi and Riyom are still calling on the governor to come to their aid and restore them to their homes.

It is our prayer in Stefanos Foundation that Nigerians will not be tired of helping the displaced.

We are encouraging all leaders to continue to respond to this situation by urging the government to do everything possible to restore these people to their homes and ensure that lasting peace return to the state.

Stefanos Foundation Prayer Summit

Stefanos Foundation Prayer Summit-Prof. Yusufu Turaki’s Paper Presentation


Professor Yusufu Turaki was one of the 3 keynote speakers at the Stefanos Foundation Prayer Summit of 12th of July, 2018, which held at Eliel Center, in Jos, Plateau State.

In his paper, Turaki, a professor of Theology and Social Ethics gave a brief history of how between 1900-2018, Empire Builders used Social Reforms to build Nigeria into what it is today.

According to him, the multitude of problems and challenges facing Nigeria are rooted in the values, institutions and legacies of those Empire Builders.

Today, Turaki said, lack of seriousness in examining and analysing the historical root has now left Nigerians un-informed, confused and incapable of resolving their three major challenges, namely:

1. Nation building,

2. National integration,

3. People and societal development and transformation.

Stefanos Foundation is therefore calling on all Christians to earnestly pray for a total turn around in the meaningful
transformation of Nigeria.

We believe that;

“Only a united Church can build a united nation”.

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