About Us

About Us

Stefanos Foundation

Stefanos Foundation is a registered, non-Governmental organization focused on Human Rights Advocacy, Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction for victims of violence. The organization is dedicated to making the voice of the persecuted Church heard as well as giving practical care and support in the most desperate situations.

Stefanos Foundation was birthed through the activities of Release International in Nigeria in 2002. Release International is a UK based organization founded by Richard Wumbrand with the aim of bringing the suffering of the persecuted to the notice of Christians.

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Visiting the persecuted in their affliction.

Our Mission

Stefanos foundation is dedicated to making the voice of the persecuted church heard as well as giving practical care support in the most desperate situations.

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by the scripture "Remember those in prison as if you yourself were their fellow prisoners, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourself were suffering" - Heb. 13:3

Our Purpose

To enable Christians, survive persecution.

Helping today

How we help people

Trauma Healing Classic

We treat traumatized people through our healing group sessions, equipping and advance sessions. Pastors are also equipped with trauma healing skills to help them incorporate same into their ministries.

Medical Aid

This project helps with emergency medical supplies to affected victims. It also helps with ambulance services and provides other forms of medical services to affected communities.

Student Education

This program currently sponsors over 200 children of IDPs in Primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions. This is made possible with the help of partner organizations and individuals.

Community Engagement

What we are doing

Working with the constituents where Christians in Nigeria are the downtrodden in order to represent them well, we must engage with them.

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