Ongoing Programs

Our activities include being a voice to the voiceless, food relief, clothes relief, educational support to survivors of persecution, providing psycho social therapy to persecuted children and adult and reconstruction of burnt communities.

Physical Care Department

The physical care department is designed to meet the immediate and desperate needs of victims in their communities. Some of the immediate and practical care given to the survivors include:

Convert Care & Discipleship Centre

The convert care is a project that caters for new convert by evacuating them from danger zones and accommodating them in a safer environment where their faith can be further nurtured.


This project helps in rebuilding the homes of people whose houses have been destroyed during an attack in their community. Through this project, over fifteen houses have been roofed in Plateau and Southern Kaduna.

Relief (Love in Action)

The essence of this project is to meet the immediate needs of the victims of attacks. It is an emergency response which provides food and non-food relief for the victims. On yearly basis, we reach out to at least one thousand families.

Mission Support

This project helps to support missionaries to continue propagating the good news in various parts of the country. It helps to provide motorcycles, megaphones, food, and other form of support to encourage them.

Student Education/Feeding Program

This program currently sponsors over 200 children of IDPs in Primary, Secondary and tertiary institutions. This is made possible with the help of partner organizations and individuals.

Emotional Care Department

The Emotional Care department handles psycho-social therapy and support for traumatized victims especially victims/survivors who have suffered violence in various forms. Emotional Care- is presently involved with three main areas:

Trauma Healing Classic

We treat traumatized people through our healing group sessions equipping and advance sessions. Through our trauma healing equipping sessions, we train facilitators to continue with the trauma healing ministry in their communities.

Transformation Center

This fellowship came about when Stefanos Foundation was involved in research with United Nations Office on Drugs & Crimes (UNODC) at IDP camps in North Central Nigeria.

Advocacy Department

Advocacy Department is established with the aim of being a voice, informing and speaking on behalf of the affected people. In order to effectively be a voice in this situation, the Advocacy department is designed to engage with the affected persons and communities, carry out researches and approach relevant authorities with facts about the injustices done:

Human Rights Training

Stefanos Foundation conducts human rights training for various people in Nigeria including the widows, pastors, state volunteers and so many other people to better equip them with the knowledge on how to help and protect themselves.

Foreign Campaigns

Stefanos Foundation also participates in international campaigns in the US Congress, British Parliament, European Parliament etc to raise the profile of the situation of the minority Christians in Nigeria.